ID Offering

Designed for Individual Client Needs and Situations

Insurance Decisions has created a simple, turn-key process for Registered Investment Advisors who understand the value of insurance within a financial plan. We have expertise in all insurance areas.

Life insurance is an important element of any financial plan where the livelihood of others (children, spouses, parents, employees) is dependent upon your client. It is also a key component of many estate plans. We provide prudent recommendations for new insurance as well as thorough reviews of existing policies to insure they are appropriate, competitive and in line with the client’s objectives.

Disability insurance is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood types of insurance in the marketplace today. While most agree that income is every client’s greatest asset during the accumulation phase of their life, few advisors actually put protection in place leaving their clients and their families greatly exposed. We help determine how much coverage is needed and coordinate recommendations with any existing employee benefits.

Long Term Care costs are rising in our country, so your retired clients, those approaching retirement and their family members are understandably worried. The marketplace for long term care insurance has evolved and there are many different options available. We help advisors determine the optimum level of necessary care, and how to best coordinate it into their plan.

Annuities can be appropriate for some clients who need to incorporate tax planning or guaranteed income streams. Further, many advisors have clients with existing annuities and do not understand all the options available for maintaining or liquidating these accounts. We help advisors understand when annuities are appropriate and what options are available for existing policies.

Professional Liability Insurance is a necessity for RIA and independent advisors to protect themselves and their organization. There are many lines of coverage under this umbrella including Professional Liability, E&O, D&O, Employment Liability, Cyber Liability, etc.

We partner with expert consultants who specialize in these lines and can provide in-depth evaluations and recommendations for your firm