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Top Mistakes Advisors Make With Insurance Coverage
As an advisor you should leverage objective insurance professionals who can take over as much of the insurance process as you feel comfortable with. Whether it’s underwriting or explaining insurance jargon, those advisors who use unbiased resources can offload unprofitable work while helping secure the client’s future well-being. [More]




The Hot Market Makes Insurance a Tougher Sell
Bill Valone, vice president at Insurance Decisions, discusses how advisors should talk to clients about insurance including long-term goals, family requirements, and as part of the client’s broader plan. [more]



The Three Culprits of Failing Life Insurance Policies
Clients may have misguided assumptions about what they can do with their policies and education is important in helping them keep their policies in good shape.



Check out our column in irus, a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. [more]






Annuity Sales Up, But Should They Be? 
Annuity sales are up, even as some experts question whether certain products make sense for clients in a low-interest rate environment. Kellan Finley provides perspective on older clients who are often left underwhelmed and impatient. [more]



Insurance Matters: Critical Considerations for Breakaway Advisors
Wealthmanagement commentary article provides insight  breakaway advisor who is in the best possible positions to incorporate insurance into their firm with a proactive and well planned approach from the onset
. [more]

The Insurance Gap
Wealthmanagement commentary article provides insight into an overlooked and underserved area of the client financial plan. [more]





Q&A with Kellan Finley: How to build relationships through the generations with insurance
Why aren’t advisors making more progress with Intergenerational Wealth Planning? The discussions and solutions that advisors are providing often times don’t resonate with their clients. There’s a disconnect.  [more]




Decoding Insurance Jargon
Clients are often confused by many of the terms stated within their insurance policies. To help, here are some of the most commonly used insurance jargon they are likely to encounter, and how to clearly explain what each of these really means. [more]




Don’t Give Insurance Planning Short Shrift

Clients don’t see the need to reexamine a policy once they’ve bought it, and too many advisors make the same mistake, according to Kellan Finley, managing director of New York-based Insurance Decisions, a consultancy to independent advisors. [more]




Intergenerational Wealth Planning – Why is it So Hard?
There is one idea that has proven to be an effective solution for some clients and has an immediate benefit for spouses and heirs. It does not require any internal changes or major initiatives and maybe something that you are already doing. An insurance review. [more]




LTC Insurance For Women Will Cost More

Higher premium prices for women will be one of the changes introduced for long-term-care health policies as the market continues to evolve, says Kellan Finley, managing director of Insurance Decisions, an insurance resource for registered investment and independent advisors based in New York City. [more]

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