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A Team Approach To Insurance- Published 9/9/15  {3:00 minutes to read} When it comes to insurance, coordination between different financial professionals leads to a greater client experience and more efficiencies across the board.  [Click here for more]

Wealth Accumulation is at Risk Without Wealth Protection- Published 8/14/15 {3:45 minutes to read} Having your clients consider long-term care and disability insurance are an easy and inexpensive ways to protect against the depletion of their assets when they can no longer work. [Click here for more]

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: Become the Ultimate Advisor- Published 7/13/15 {3:20 minutes to read} The scope of what an advisor does is mind boggling. Essentially, they are small business owners with an endless list of responsibilities and clients who have unbelievably high expectations. [Click here for more]

EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR: June 25, 2015 | 2:00pm ET - A Case Study: Successfully Incorporating Insurance into a Financial Advisory - Published 6/15/15  A recent study showed that 42% of financial advisors would be interested in working with an insurance specialist to identify client solutions.
[Click here for more]

The Cost of Waiting to Review Insurance - Published 6/10/15 
{4 minutes to read} When reviewing insurance needs - whether it’s life insurance, disability, long-term care or even annuities - advisors need to consider possible costs in delaying a regular review of their client’s products.[Click here for more]

Sustain Your Future With Long Term Care - Published 5/21/15
{Time to Read: 5.5 minutes} Long term care insurance is a hot topic. It is designed to protect against asset depletion when a person is deemed unable to perform two of the six activities of daily living, such as bathing and eating. [Click here for more]

A Great Policy Requires More than Just Adding Numbers - Published 3/19/15
{2:05 minutes to read} Insurance should never be sold in a vacuum. It should always be evaluated in terms of the broader, holistic picture of a client’s financial plan. [Click here for more]

Efficiently Running Your RIA - Published 2/24/15
There have been several articles recently that all speak to the need for better-run RIAs.

One article in Private Asset Management examined a major trend: Wirehouse advisors, or other types of independent advisors, moving into the RIA space. [Click here for more]

New Service Offered: Policy Diagnosis - Published 1/6/15
When it comes to insurance, many advisors do not review their clients’ existing policies to make sure that they are working appropriately, premiums are being paid on time and there are no excess loans - all of the things that are pertinent when reviewing a client’s policy. [Click here for more]

Year End Review and Preview - Published 12/22/14
It’s that time of year when people say, “It’s that time of year.”
Full of holidays, shopping, and holiday parties, the end of the year is also a time when businesses and individuals reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months. [Click here for more]

Opportunities to Consider as We Close 2014 - Published 11/18/14
The end of the year is a time when people tie up loose ends. If a client has been thinking about obtaining life, long-term care or disability insurance all year, the end of the year is a natural prompt to remind them to get it done before December 31st. [Click here for more]

Lessons Learned: The Importance of Due Diligence - Published 11/5/14
Clients with medical issues can be well-served if they trust us. An added value to our firm’s service is that we have the capacity to take advantage of the market and procure the right insurance carriers for the client - even if they have a series of medical issues. [Click here for more]

What Is Trust Owned Life Insurance and How Can You Make Sure Your Policy Is in Good Shape? - Published 9/30/14
Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) is insurance that resides inside a trust. It enables the trust to provide money for survivors to cover estate tax planning and distribute inheritances among heirs. [Click here for more]

Failing Policies - What Causes This? Part 3 of 3 - Published 8/13/14
Many clients recognize the benefits of using life insurance as an investment, but they can be sold on this premise with optimistic assumptions - which are often at odds with reality. [Click here for more]

Failing Policies - What Causes This? Part 2 of 3 - Published 7/30/14
When someone buys a life insurance policy, the amount owed in premiums is determined based on a combination of several factors. The most significant considerations include: Policyholder’s age, gender and health...[Click here for more]

Failing Policies: Causes and Solutions Part 1 - Published 7/15/14
When we review existing life insurance policies for the clients of our RIAs, we find that certain plans are failing and at risk of lapsing prematurely. There are generally 3 main causes for this...[Click here for more]

Why Breakaway Advisors Should Entrust Us With Their Clients’ Insurance Needs - Published 6/17/14
Advisors who work for large wire houses typically give almost half of their revenues to their employers. In exchange, they do not have to worry about paying for office space, marketing costs, or any of the other bills that typically come with running their own businesses. [Click here for more]

Are Your Clients Outliving Their Life Insurance? - Published 5/29/14
Due to a more health-conscious society and recent advances in medicine, Americans are living longer. While it used to be unusual for a person to reach their 100th year, such longevity is becoming more commonplace. This is great news, but it does push some questions about life insurance to the forefront. [Click here for more]

A Case Study in Long-Term Care Coverage Options - Published 5/20/14
A New York-based Registered Investment Advisor who specializes in financial planning and investment management, and manages $180 million in assets, recently asked us to review and evaluate a long-term care (LTC) policy that a client had purchased. The client, a 65-year-old man, had purchased the policy in 2012. [Click here for more]

Decoding Insurance Jargon - Published 4/28/14
Clients are often confused by many of the terms stated within their insurance policies. To help, here are some of the most commonly used insurance jargon they are likely to encounter, and how to clearly explain what each of these really means... [Click here for more]

Kellan Finley presenting at NYSSCPA NexGen Conference - Published 4/15/14
Kellan Finley will be speaking on June 10 about Effective Business Communication at the NYSSCPA NexGen 2014 Conference in Long Island, New York.

A Case Study for RIAs: Why it Pays to Have Your Clients’ Insurance Plans Reviewed by an Expert - Published 4/10/14
A Registered Investment Advisor based in New York City who caters to high net worth individuals with a total of $290M AUM, recently referred a client to us for a thorough review of his insurance portfolio to ensure that he was being adequately covered. [Click here for more]

Long-Term Care Expenses Tops the List of Investor Worries - Published 3/27/14
A recent study by UBS Investor Watch found that the inability to afford long-term care costs was one of the 2 biggest concerns that investors have regarding their financial futures. [Click here for more]

ByAllAccounts Whitepaper - Published 3/26/14
Kellan Finley contributes to ByAllAccounts Whitepaper -"10 Time-Sensitive Tips for Advising Your Clients in a Rapidly-Changing Healthcare Market" [Click here for more]

ByAllAccounts Webinar - Published 3/26/14
Kellan Finley featured as a panelist in ByAllAccounts Webinar - "Advising on healthcare in a rapidly changing market: Help your clients plan for the unexpected" [Click here for more]

Insurance is Not the Problem, But it May Be the Solution - Published 3/12/14 
People don't like to think about life insurance, disability or long-term care. Perhaps it is because the benefits of such insurance policies are only seen when something unpleasant happens - but it is in both your clients’ best interest, as well as your own, to be covered for life events that are inevitable. [Click to read more.]

ByAllAccounts Webinar - Advising on health care in a rapidly changing market - Published 3/6/14 
On March 19 at 2:00PM EST, join Kellan Finley, Managing Director of Insurance Decisions, Maura Carley, President of Healthcare Navigation and Kathy Nalywajko, Business Development Executive at Legg Mason Investment, as they discuss the latest healthcare trends and how to best advise your clients on the next ByAllAccounts webinar. You’ll hear about what’s changed regarding the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Long Term Care; including the insurance products that are available. You’ll also get real-life examples from an advisor and the solutions she provided to help her clients. [Click to register for the webinar]

Don’t Assume Your Clients are “All Set” with Their Insurance Needs - Published 2/28/14 
Many Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) seem to think that as long as their clients have some form of insurance coverage in place, there’s no need to regularly review their policies or update them. This could not be further from the truth. [Click to read more.]

Generational Wealth Transfers: How to Keep Your Clients - Published 2/3/14 
Financial advisors often run into problems caused by generational wealth transfers.Traditionally the head of household was in charge of finding an RIA to help him or her make important financial decisions for the family. [Click to read more.]

Early Predictions in the Insurance Market for 2014 - Published 1/9/14
With the New Year upon us, now is an opportune time to look at how major insurance vehicles performed in 2013, and how our experts think they will perform in 2014. [Click to read more.]

Life [Insurance]: Your Most Precious Gift to your Clients - Published 12/17/13
There are good reasons that clients need to periodically review their life insurance policies and RIAs are in the perfect position to help them through it. [Click to read more.]

The Smartest Move You Haven’t Thought of - Published 12/3/13
When people think of the insurances they need, life insurance, health insurance and automobile insurance are typically the first ones that usually come to mind. Perhaps the most overlooked of all is disability insurance. [Click to read more.]

We Know Annuities - Published 11/19/13
Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) often come to us to see what their clients’ best options are, with respect to the annuities they own. [Click to read more.]

A New Way to Insurance - Published 11/5/13
The insurance industry is in the process of transforming itself. Companies and agents have begun to reshape their traditional practices in order to place a greater emphasis on the client. This new movement is the driving force behind Insurance Decisions. [Click to read more.]